Speaking events are win or lose events. Audiences leave excited and energized or they don’t. There is no middle ground. It’s not OK when an audience walks away saying; “Eh, that was OK.” That’s a loss.

If you’re asking people, especially SALES PEOPLE, to sit in a chair for 60 minutes, they better walk away saying; “That was awesome. I loved it.”

Keenan get’s this and delivers on this belief through powerful, energetic, passionate presentations.

A great presentation should educate, motivate, entertain, challenge and inspire an audience, anything short of that is a dud and wastes everyone’s time. I’m not big on wasting people’s time.


If you’re going to ask people to put their butt in a seat for an hour or more, you better give them something to walk away with. The audience needs to feel they got something that will help them make their number. Sales people don’t have time to waste. They want to learn.


What good is information and education if no one is motivated to act? Action is the path to success. Keenan is a master at motivating his audiences to action. They leave pumped up and ready to crush it.


Great events start and stop with fun. When people take the time out of their day or week, away from making their number, they want to be entertained. They want to laugh, they want to have fun, and they don’t want to be looking at their watch, desperately counting the minutes until they can get back to their desk.


Change comes from new perspectives. It comes from opening up and embracing the new, new information, new ideas, and new perspectives. Allowing your audience to leave without thinking differently wastes an incredible opportunity. Attendees should leave questioning how they do things. They should have new insight and a new perspective. The audience should feel pushed and out of their comfort zone. No one attends a seminar or speaking engagement to emerge ready to do the same things they’ve always done, thinking what they’ve always thought.


If everything goes as planned the audience should leave inspired; inspired to create, to influence, to change, to explore, to try new things and to make a difference. Keenan inspires audiences to see things as possible that were once seen as impossible. Keenan inspires innovation, growth, and change. Keenan doesn’t leave things as he finds them.

Keenan is a wildly passionate, provocative, energetic, speaker that captures his audiences attention and doesn’t let go until the very last word. Keenan’s insight on sales, life, business, and success excites audiences and leaves them asking for more. Keenan blends data, life experiences, sales knowledge, humor and stories into entertaining and informative experiences that motivate and inspire audiences to go a little faster, push a little harder, open up a little more and embrace work with more zest, excitement, and fun.


Keenan is a very talented speaker! His ability to engage with the audience is outstanding. We at Movers & Shakers were honoured to have him support us at our Startup Forum 2016 event in Aguascalientes, and he was without a doubt one of the most, if not the most, popular speaker at the event. A natural motivator with very interesting content, his presentation was fun, entertaining and most importantly, packed with juicy wisdom! Keenan rocked Movers & Shakers!                    

Rodrigo Magdaleno, Co-Founder & Director, Movers & Shakers

If you are looking for a speaker who has a declamatory style and is concise, then I recommend you enlist Jim.  I attended a sales event where Jim spoke and his “punchy” and candid style made the whole experience a success!
Tammy Regional Sales Director

Jim Keenan has a unique ability to wake people up and get them moving forward. Jim connects with them [business professionsls], speaks their language, and then invites them to reconnect with their motivation. As a speaker, Jim brings the right mix of knowledge, humor, and challenge. After a 10 hour day, I watched a group of professionals stay an extra 30 minutes past the end of the session to hear what he had to say. Professionals with a ton of obligations and families got home to find much value in what he had to say.
Matt, Adjunct Professor University of Denver, Daniels School of Business